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[Other] DOWNLOAD TWINKAS: Best Member To Member Donation Script

Twinkas is one of the best and most reliable in Nigeria. Getting a site like twinkas has become so easy as our programmers in Nigeria and associates abroad has made it so easy working endlessly to yield such a solution. We have the scripts for programmers to work with and also if you are not so into programming to save you the stress and for it not to limit your vision of your dream site, our developers can aid you with creating it.
DOWNLOAD TWINKAS: Best Member To Member Donation Script

Features of Twinkas.com script

  • 2X1 peer to peer system
  • Easy to use dashboard
  • Automatic and Manual merging
  • Beautiful interface
  • Support system
  • Password reset feature
  • Easy to customize
  • Timer for payment
  • Sign up and sign in page
  • Purge feature
Owning the Twinkas script comes with lots of advantages. With this script, you can get your own Twinkas website and lots more. See the full advantages of owning Twinkas script below;

Admin Advantage for Twinkas.com script

When you purchase this script, these are the added advantages that come with it;
1. Make lots of money
With a peer to peer ponzi scheme, you make lots of money. As the Admin, you are the first to get paid. You don’t need to donate money into the scheme to get paid and you can get paid as many times as possible.
2. Block members that default
An administrator can block members that disobey the rules automatically or manually. Some members participate once and fail to re-donate, this is dangerous to the system. As the Admin, you can set the timer for re-commitment or block manually.
3. Get email and contacts of members
When new members register on your peer to peer website, they enter their details like email and phone number. With this information, you could advertise any new ponzi scheme to them in the future.
4. Reply to support emails
Members always have something to report. As the administrator of this website, you can reply to the complaints of your numerous members. This builds credibility and could make your ponzi scheme last longer.
5. Customize the script
As the admin, you can customize the script with your own images, logo, and text. With this feature, you can use the script to open as many peer to peer websites as possible.

User: test
Password: 123456
click below

Price: ~600.00 USD

Call Alaroye on “09080519109” for more Info

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